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 City of Zurich Art Grants

Helmhaus Zurich


Island of Wham
Embroidery on linen , wire, clay, fabric, 2022.

The floor installation Island of Wham consists of black-painted lumps of clay connected by a network of metal cables. Here and there scraps of fabric hang from the cables, which are embroidered with figurative scenes. We recognize humanoid beings moving in different ways through coastal landscapes. The work represents an interpretation of the children's book Pezzettino, in which a square searches for other squares to become more complete. On the Isle of Wham, Pezzettino breaks apart into many small squares and finds that everything he was looking for was already within him.
The artist understands her work as a commentary on feminist theory, for which there is no inadequate, incomplete or defective woman and no clear definition of femininity. Like Pezettino in the children's book, the woman already has everything within her that she can be or become.

Art Grants of City Zurich: Text
Art Grants of City Zurich: Selected Work
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