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What's Cooking? A re-arrangement

Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel
2–4 July 2021

Curated by data | Auftrag für parasitäre* Gastarbeit (Daniela Petrini & Tanja Trampe)

WHAT’S COOKING? is a curatorial format conceived as a series that explores artists‘ working conditions. The 50-hour nonstop happening gathers artistic, activist, and theoretical positions to simultaneously and collaboratively produce, present, discuss, and reflect. WHAT’S COOKING? creates various starting points and keeps the doors nonstop open for spontaneous guests for re-arranging. “Source of contagion” is the cooking area, which allows every guest to also be a host: Cooking, eating, mingling, preserving! In Ausstellungsraum Klingental, current questions about artistic engagement in political and social contexts come under the burning glass, tightened by the experience of the pandemic. (Can I work like this?) asks about how to continue.

Clay, rope, artificial hair, wood, variable dimensions, 2021.
Fotos © Zlatko Micic

What is Cooking: Text
What is Cooking: Selected Work
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